Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Meet 2014 Guest John Hitchcock

John Hitchcock’s works are a blend of printmaking, digital imaging, video, and installation that depict personal, social, and political views. His artwork is deeply informed by his personal biography and family history. He grew up in western Oklahoma on Comanche tribal lands that are located next to Fort Sill. Fort Sill was originally established in 1869 to wage battles against American Indians, who, seeing their way of life threatened by the onslaught of western-moving settlers, launched raids against the ongoing encroachment. Hitchcock’s mother is of Comanche and Kiowa ancestry, a descendant of the indigenous Plains tribes affected by the federal government’s systematic policy of forced removal and relocation. The artist’s parents met when his father served at Fort Sill during the Korean War; the couple eventually settled in the proximally-located tribal territory. Raised in this area, Hitchcock was exposed to the frequent Vietnam War-era training activities at the base, which—in addition to his ancestral heritage of cultural genocide—sensitized him to an American culture of violence and military action.

Hitchcock’s current artwork consists of mythological hybrid creatures (buffalo, wolf, boar, deer, moose) and military weaponry based on his childhood memories and stories of growing up in the Wichita Mountains of Oklahoma next to Fort Sill. He explores notions of good, evil, death, and life cycles. His depictions of beasts, animals, and machines act as a metaphors for human behavior and cycles of violence. His artwork is a response to intrusive behavior by humans towards nature and other humans.

Introducing Eric Nyffeler of Doe Eyed!

Eric Nyffeler is the founder and man behind the artwork of Doe Eyed design studio. Nyffeler describes his designs aesthetic as a mix of “gritty geometrics with hand-drawn elements to create a sometimes whimsical, sometimes abject style.” He said he uses a combination of hand drawing, collages and computer software in creating his designs. Specializing in screen-printed concert posters, Nyffeler has worked with various clients in the music industry, from local punk bands all the way to Grammy-winning bands such as Dave Matthews Band and Gotye. He has also done graphic design, illustration, and branding for more commercial clients such as Target, Whole Foods, and even Australian and New Zealand Netball Leagues.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Notstock 2013: Closing Reception at 62 Doors Gallery and Studios

NOTSTOCK, WORDSTOCK, and POTSTOCK guests had a blast at the closing reception. Thanks, 62 Doors Gallery & Studios for always throwing a great party.

Guest Artist Mark Brickey

Our NOTSTOCK guest artists

Wild Hands performance

Guest Artist Billy Bauman

Guest Poet Sam Cook performance

Notstock 2013: Adventures in Design Podcast

MSU NOTSOCK guests Mark Brickey, Billy Baumann, and James Flames are all hosts of a popular podcast called Adventures in DesignAdventures in Design is a podcast about the culture in and around design and illustration. The three did a live recording of the podcast on the campus of MSU where they interviewed NOTSTOCK co-organizers, Laurie Geller and Bill Harbort, and MSU alumni and 62 Doors Gallery & Studios artists, Dan and Alyssa Sharbono. The podcast is guaranteed to bring laughs while also informing the crowd and listeners. You can listen to the episode here.

Billy Bauman and Mark Brickey

James Flames

Adventures in Design interviewing NOTSTOCK co-coordinators Bill Harbort and Laurie Geller

Adventures in Design interviewing Dan and Alyssa Sharbono of 62 Doors

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Wordstock 2013

Sam Cook, a National Poetry Slam Champion and founder of Button Poetry, was the guest for this year's WordStock. WordStock events included a performance by Cook for a full house in Aleshire Theatre, a Poetry Workshop where he spoke to aspiring writers about bringing their work from the page to the stage, and emceed Slam in the Dam, an exciting poetry slam competition located in the MSU Beaver Dam.

Cook performing one of his poems in Aleshire Theatre.

Cook Leading WordStock Poetry Worshop 

Guest Artist Mark Brickey competing in Slam in the Dam

MSU Student competing in Slam in the Dam

1st place winner of Slam in the Dam competition receiving his prize

Notstock 2013: Screen Printing Workshops with Jessica Christy

This year at NOTSTOCK, North Dakota guest Jessica Christy lead 90-minute silk screen printing workshops on campus. Participants had a blast creating their own multi-color prints and even got to take them home.

Notstock 2013: Instant Theatre Improv

This workshop, lead by MSU faculty and students, was the perfect opportunity for students to learn improv tools and techniques in our very own Theatre Department.